Good news for Manitoba’s Hemp Industry

Good news for our hemp producers here in Manitoba. Hemp Oil Canada is planning to build a $13.6 million hemp seed processing plant, the world’s largest, in Ste Agathe, south of Winnipeg.

“This will boost us to well over nine million lb., once we enter the facility,” Hemp Oil Canada President Shaun Crew is quoted in the Western Producer as telling a news conference. “Within the facility there is still room for more equipment, so growth is inevitable.”

“The industry is maturing … hemp food ingredients are being utilized in all kinds of food products now, everything from hemp cereal, hemp ice cream to hemp nutrition bars,” said Crew, who wore a pair of hemp pants and hemp shoes to the news conference.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve had double digit growth every year. In the last two or three, that growth has been at least 50 percent per annum.”

Canadian hemp producers, many of them right here in Manitoba and in the Parkland itself, planted 90,000 acres of hemp this year. That’s up from 70,000 acres in 2013.